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Penn State IFC Public Statement Re: Tweets

The Interfraternity Council and the Executive Board has been made aware of several “tweets” posted by the current IFC President, Chip Ray, on his personal Twitter account that have been characterized as being insensitive to various cultures. The Interfraternity Council recognizes these actions were inappropriate and are not conducive of the actions or behaviors that we should expect of a fraternity member. We realize, therefore, that appreciation of and for diversity must be a major concern of the entire Penn State fraternity and sorority community.

After significant discussion, the IFC executive board has unanimously determined that while the IFC President understands and appreciates that his Twitter posts where inappropriate, we do realize that student insensitivity is much too common at Penn State and we, as an executive board and community, need to do all we can to educate our members on diversity and the understanding of how comments, like the ones that were made, could be offensive. We understand that we all must think before we speak so we do not offend others.

The IFC executive board, including the current IFC President, sincerely apologizes for the insensitivity displayed through the Twitter posts. We further understand that we cannot change what has already occurred, but we stand committed and dedicated to work with various student organizations and University offices to educate our members on the diversity, tolerance, and sensitivity in order to make our members more socially aware of the world in which we live.

The Pennsylvania State University is a world-class institution comprised of people that believe in different religions, have ancestors that come from various countries, and are from different backgrounds. These are topics that need to be discussed openly so we all can learn to see life from another person’s point-of-view and thus, defeating ignorance, and for these reasons we, as a fraternity community, plan to become leaders on campus in diversity education.

If your organization is interested in working with the Interfraternity Council to promote a better understanding of diversity on our campus we would love to hear from you. Please contact so we can work together to bring our University a step closer to being the premier institution of diversity awareness and education.